Does the U.S. need stronger gun control laws? (see both arguments in article)

  • chris-king
    Chris King 2018-02-22 05:26:06

    What we need is to ease restrictions on a federal level on the prohabition of law abiding citizens ability to carry for self defence. The right to keep and BEAR arms. The 2nd has been castrated to the point that if you carry,concealed or otherwise you have been made a criminal. Law abiding citizens have been regulated out of the right to have a weapon with them when the need for it arises. Gun froo zones are the preferred targets of cowards and criminals and those who would do harm to others. Enact laws to punish the illegal use of firearms,not to tie the hands of the victims. When it becomes dangerous to be a criminal crime will drop. More regulations create a fish in a barrel scenario,along with gun free zones. Let us defend iurselves without being criminals because we choose to do so.